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Legacy Auto Registration is a leading dealer registration service with over 25 years of experience in the auto dealer industry. As a direct business partner with the DMV, we manage DMV affairs with many large, medium and small auto dealerships in California.

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Legacy Auto Registration

Sandra started her 10 year career as an auditor for the State of California, Department of Corporations.  This would soon pave the way for her 33 years in the auto industry.  

She has held some of the highest positions at the most well-known prestigious dealerships.

Sandra Zepeda

Jessica joined the Auto Industry in 2001. In 2003, she planted her feet at So Cal Suzuki and quickly rose to the top, managing the business office of 3 stores across Los Angeles & Orange County.  By 2005, she and her husband founded CarCredit Auto Group, the IE’s most highly rated Sub-Prime Auto Dealership. She is now dedicating her work to helping Dealers and the public alike with all of their DMV Registration needs.

Jessica Donnell


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